ENERGIZING your bottom line
  Building Commissioning Services
      Retrocommissioning – Evaluating and applying best practices to develop low cost or no cost methods of operation on 
     existing buildings.
      Design Phase Commissioning – Review of design from a commissioning standpoint, guidance and preparation of 
     commissioning specifications for clear bidding instructions, detailed plan review for coordination between trades and 
     potential maintainability. Detailed submittal review for maintainability, energy efficiency and consistency.
      Construction Phase Commissioning - Experienced in writing commissioning plans, commissioning specifications pre-
     functional checklist, performance functional test of the building's systems to verify the Design Intent has been met and 
     necessary modifications to the Commissioning Plan during this phase.  Detailed oversight of Test and Balance and
     controls installation.
      Acceptance Phase Commissioning - Review and approval of building's systems Operations and Maintenance 
     documentation and participation in the training of staff on Operations Maintenance procedures.  Improved documentation 
     of Installation, Operation Maintenance Manuals and detailed maintenance plan for ongoing training.  Observe and verify 
     proper startup including detailed client training throughout this period.  Follow up commissioning issues during first year 
     warranty and conducting "lessons learned" meeting two months prior to the end of warranty.
Engineering Services

    Design Engineering – Mechanical (HVAC & plumbing) and electical engineerin design services on new construction,
   upgrades, retrofits and energy conservation projects.
   Engineering Studies & Analysis – Engineering methods are used to estimate the likely cost savings on onergy projects.

Energy Related Services

    Strategic Utility Plan Development – Development of overall strategic plans, often multi-year, to reduce utility costs.
    Energy/Facility Auditing & Evaluations - Site surveys usually done as part of facility evaluations to identify potential 
   cost saving projects.
    Performance Contract Consulting - ENPULSE staff is trained to provide independent, 3rd party support services.  We
   can help you decide if performance is appropriate for you, develop your performance contracting strategy, write your RFP
   and work with other energy service companies to execute your project.
    Measurement & Verification – Methodical analysis of utility bills or instrumentation data to verify your utility savings.
    Utility Bill Audits/Rate Analysis – Compilation and analysis of utility bill data for the purpose of finding errors and 
   savings opportunities.  Data is often used for cost savings estimates in energy savings projects.
    Utility Allocation Planning – Developing methodology and systems to allocate utilities to individual operating units 
   within a facility.
   Budgeting/Planning/Reconciliation - Developing forecasts for usage and costs of utilities for use in operating 
    Power Monitoring & Sub-Metering – Specification and installation of metering equipment to assist with utilities 
   allocation or savings verification.
    Renewable Energy – Design and management of solar, and other renewable energy projects.
    Cogeneration – Conceptual and detailed design of cogeneration projects.
Additional   Services

   Project, Facility, and Construction Management – Site management and coordination services to ensure project 
   objectives are met.
   Training – Formal and informal training to improve the capability and capacity of our clients.
    Maintenance Consulting – Design and implementation of maintenance systems.















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