Company Values and Design Philosophies...

ENPULSE is committed to providing an exceptional value to our clients.  Some of our key
attributes are:

Delivering Results - Focusing on the needs of the client and meeting them.

Partnership - Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with our clients that strengthen
over time.  We excel at understanding our client's needs and providing solutions that not only
meet current needs, but also consider future possibilities and address additional operational
issues of serviceability, operational costs and maintenance costs.

Sustainability - Contributing to the long term economic, environmental and cultural growth of
our clients.

Continual Improvement Process - Analyzing and improving ourselves and our clients over time.

Creativity - Finding new, practical and simple methods of solving problems and fulfilling needs.

Best Value Solutions - Presenting alternatives and helping our client select the best
alternative which meets their needs and budgets.






ENERGIZING your bottom line

About Us…
ENPULSE Energy Conservation is an engineering and business consulting firm.  We provide energy and water management, building commissioning, utility and facility management, mechanical and electrical design, and project management services. 

Located in Greensboro, N.C., ENPULSE initially focused on cost reduction through strategic utility management and maintenance optimization.  As our opportunities to assist our clients broadened, ENPULSE now offers value oriented engineering design services that take advantage of our sustainable design, maintenance and operational experience.  ENPULSE has the capability to assist clients with many projects from concept through commissioning.

ENPULSE core competencies include...

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